You are a house of the infinite, did you know?

I’ve been wanting to write again for a while, but unsure of where to begin.  Classic writer’s block, I suppose. I’ve wanted to share about how difficult last year was for us, with the high-risk pregnancy, bed-rest, bleeding, fear, near-constant pain and then the miracle of our boy coming safely and 9 days late in



A few images I made for my Storybird account.  I love working on illustrations for narratives, whether mine or for an author.    


Digital spots

I love to draw characters and spot drawings of emotions or situations. Click on any image to enlarge.

travel themed repeat pattern

Travel Pattern

Travel pattern I designed to print on fabric.  I was sewing and selling zippered pouches and totes and wanted to be able to showcase my own drawings.  Voila! Click on any image to enlarge.



Illustrations from sketchbooks.  Examples of line drawing and lettering. Click on any image to enlarge.


Sketch to Final

Watercolor Illustration from ink to final color image.  11″ x 17″ Click on either image to enlarge.


Virtues and Vices

Original series of 20 illustrations: 10 virtues and 10 vices for the modern age. Ink on archival paper, 11″ x 14″